Tired of adorable cat videos and angry video bloggers? Of course you’re not. But in case you want something more from your internet, DailyBloom is here to facilitate ease your environmental guilt. Let us sift through all those clickbaity videos, your especially opinionated friends’ facebook posts, and the far reaches of the internet. Sometimes we’ll even produce our own content!

Our goal is to educate ourselves and others on navigating the world sustainably. We do all the research and the thinky-bits so you can sit back, relax, and then slowly shift your daily habits to help make the earth a little healthier.

Feel free to submit any interesting or informative environmental media you come across in your wild exploration of the net. All submissions will be considered for posting.


DailyBloom is the brainchild of Miriam Nielsen and adopted brainchild of Jessi Lawrence. They’ll let the child define its own gender, dietary choices, etc. Check out Miriam’s actually legit website, or follow along as Jessi stream-of-conscious-live-blogs her life on Twitter.

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