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In sucky environmental news biodegradeble plastic is pretty much a sham. A study (actually funded by the folks utilizing the plastic) found that it just flat out doesn't work. Hank Green and the SciShow crew explain the ...

Biodegradable plastic doesn’t work

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Global Divestment Day was February 13-14. Did you break-up with Fossil Fuels? Check out the wrap-up of action throughout and FossilFree's day of action. A shameless plug for Zentouro's take on Global ...

Global Divestment Day

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A decade long battle is finally coming to a close (hopefully). The House and Senate have both passed bills calling for the construction of the Keystone XL Tarsands Pipeline. This is bad for a whole lot of reasons -- ...

The Keystone Pipeline

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100+ world leaders along with 400,000 people marched through NYC and 2646 solidarity events were held in 162 countries making the the Poeple's Climate March the largest climate march in history. Learn more: ...

People’s Climate March NYC

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YouTuber Veritasium discusses his frustration with the average citizen's lack of knowledge about Climate Change and invites viewers to Have your voice heard at the UN Climate Summit in NYC, September ...

Climate Change is Boring

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The most recent (June 11th) xkcd post is particularly relevant to this site's focus. Check out the main ...

4.5 Degrees

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Ever wonder what the difference between "global warming" and "climate change" is? The terms are used interchangeably, yet people interpret the terms in different ways. Trace breaks down what the difference is, and talks ...

The Difference Between Global Warming & Climate Change


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Greenway2020 is a movement that brings together all Angeleno's to realize a new vision for the Los Angeles River, with the goal of connecting a 51-mile Greenway adjacent to the LA River by 2020. The Greenway serves as ...

Greenway2020 – LA River Revitalization Corp

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This couples dreams for solar paneled roadways have been spreading like wildfire around the internet recently. Check out their site to learn ...

Solar Roadways

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  Don't let your bike get sad. See what happens when you choose your car over your ...


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On March 2nd, over 1,000 people came out to tell President Obama and Secretary Kerry to reject the northern leg of Keystone ...


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An excerpt from Bill McKibben's 2011 PowerShift Speech calling EVERYONE to action on Climate Change. Learn more at ...

We Need To Fight

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