If you have ever forayed into the study of environmental sustainability, you know there is a good deal of contention over whether technology-based solutions are a viable option for making change on the scale we’d need to “save the planet” (or whatever).

And if you’ve ever tried shopping for a shower timer to help hold you to shorter showers (a technological solution, p.s.), you know it’s virtually impossible to find one that stays suctioned to your shower, doesn’t get waterlogged, and isn’t so technologically advanced it could double as a time machine.

Well I have a solution to put you at ease for both of these worries.
Shower playlists!

This is a very clever idea that I pilfered from a spotify ad (the only good thing to ever come from a spotify ad). Quite simply, you create a playlist that is the length you want your shower to be, listen to it in the shower, and when the playlist is over, you gtfo of the shower! Brilliant1.

I was going to inundate you with facts about water use and average shower lengths etc etc but listen. We’re in a drought. You get it at this point.

I’ve kindly created you some thematic playlists, because I want you to succeed at your water conservation dreams. They also double as an nutritious way to start your day.

Level 1

A beginner’s level of shower-length governing playlists, this a good place to start if you normally take pretty lengthy showers and would like to try to cut your showers down to about 10 minutes.

The obvious – songs about water

The upbeat – mainstream pop at its best/worst


Level 2

Do you eat glass for breakfast? Are you conserving water by bathing in the blood of your enemies?
Then this level is the level for you. So advanced, i’m not even giving you playlists. Just songs that are the same length as your shower of power. When just one song is over, you have been cleansed. (The songs are of varying lengths – take your destiny into your own hands).

Note: You can just make your own playlists don’t let my terrible music taste deter you.


Here is the program that I heard about on Spotify! It’s actually pretty cool and you should totally check it out: DoSomething.org Shower With Beyonce Campaign

1 DailyBloom is not responsible for any water damage to laptops, smart phones, arduino gadgets, or walkmans that may be incurred from steam, drippage, slippage, or any other bathroom-related catastrophes. (For real though be careful with your mobile devices they contain a lot of rare minerals which is a resource we are running out of.)

~Thanks to kohler.com for the featured image~

Written by Jessi Lawrence

Jessi's greatest dream is to start an LGBT bicycle gang called "Mermaids on Bikes." She is a ~recent graduate~ of Smith College w/ an experiential major in being militant about her beliefs. She's vegan, particularly cares about the intersection of social & environmental issues, & has feelings about it.

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