One of  Scotty Hardwig earliest screendance films, “we walk blood earth” premiered at the 9th International Screendance Festival in 2011.

Five lone humans call out in vain for salvation against the wind and red sands of a lonely desert. This place is barren, unforgiving, and beautiful: the earth of blood that we must walk.

When we walk blood earth,
the silence is a roar,
Aurora, Aurora,
will bring us safe to pastures
of red, red dirt
and wrap us up in dust…

and when everything is done
we’ll jump this sinking ark
to stretch our limbs of mud
and walk this earth of blood…

And red, red dirt
wraps us up in dust…

Written by miriam

Striving to be "The Infinite Probability Drive within the Heart of Gold," Miriam's interests include accidentally purchasing everything in purple, going deep on the frisbee field, local food, and taking the stairs. She studied film at Middlebury College even though she won't admit it (her degree was in Environmental Studies).

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