Greenway2020 is a movement that brings together all Angeleno’s to realize a new vision for the Los Angeles River, with the goal of connecting a 51-mile Greenway adjacent to the LA River by 2020. The Greenway serves as more than just a pathway – it is an investment in communities, connecting neighborhoods and offering a new way of living for Angelenos.
This short film highlights this sense of connection by following two characters as they chose alternating modes of transportation along the 51-mile stretch of the LA River to get to one another. Their journey is symbolically represented through time, gradually revealing the changes that have and will continue to occur as the LA River is revitalized.
This film was created for the #ProduceLA2050 initiative in partnership with LA2050, the Goldhirsh Foundation, & The Center for Nonprofit Management.

Written by miriam

Striving to be "The Infinite Probability Drive within the Heart of Gold," Miriam's interests include accidentally purchasing everything in purple, going deep on the frisbee field, local food, and taking the stairs. She studied film at Middlebury College even though she won't admit it (her degree was in Environmental Studies).

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